Sell UNS S38815 Stainless plate,S38815 cutting parts,S38815

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Sell UNS S38815 Stainless plate,S38815 cutting parts,S38815 Disk Plate
1.UNS Stainless steel plate grade 
S20100 S20103 S20153 S20161 
S20200 S20400 S30400 S30403 S30409
S30100 S30103 S30153 S30200 
S30415 S30451 S30452 S30453 S30500 
S30600 S30601 S30615 S30815 S30908
S30909 S30940 S30941 S31008 S31009
S31040 S31041 S31050 S31060 S31254 
S31600 S31603 S31609 S31635 S31640
S31651 S31653 S31266
S31700 S31703 S31725 S31726 S31753 
S32050 S32100 S32109 
S32615 S32654 S33228 
S33400 S34565 S34700 S34709 S34800 
S34809 S35045 S35135 S35315 S38100 S38815 
S32803 S40500 S40900 S40910 S40920 S40930
S40945 S40975 S40977 S41000
S41003 S41008 S41045 S41050 S41500 S42035
S42900 S43000 S43035 S43400 S43600
S43932 S43940 S44400 S44500 
S44635 S44660 S44700 S44735 S44800 S46800 
2. Adopt standard: UNS Standard
3. Size: Thickness 1mm to 8mm, 8mm to 120mm
         Width: 10mm to 2500mm 
         Length: 10mm to 12000mm 
         Max weight of each plate: 7 Tons.
4. Delivery time: 5days or earlier.
5  Payment Item: TT or LC.
6. Stainless Steel Service: Our factory can provide Chemical machine inspection in free. Cutting service, stainless cutting parts, disk stainless plate and others requirement for our customer. 
7. Stainless Plate Surface: hot rolled No 1, Cold rolled 2B. 
Our facotry is specialized to produce stainless steel plates manufactures, and our factory had min 3000tons stainless plates. Our stainless plate exported to many country in the world and our stainless plate also passed ABS, DNV, BV, SGS, TUV and so on approval at quality. So, if you have requirement for stainless plate, please feel free to contact us.